TRA action so far:

October 2016 - Inaugural meeting TRA Established and officially registered with Camden council.

November 2016 - Committee members attend Kentish Town District Housing Meeting

December 2016 - Shamsul Alum, contracts manager from Camden council attended meeting and listened to residents preferred options for upcoming 'Spring Clean' of Haddo house.

December 2016 - Committee members met Victoria Whaley, Camden Parks and Gardens, to discuss possibilities for the gardens.

January 2017 - Committee member met Jamie Winter, estate services manager to discuss the estate.

January 2017 - Gardeners group met and devised plans for the estate gardens in 2017.

January 2017 - Committee members met with Mel Hastings, housing officer, to find out more about how she can help with TRA matters.

February 2017 - Community safety meeting held. PC's John Hounsell and Matt Parnell attended a special meeting, offered advice and listened to residents' concerns.

February 2017 - Applied for grant to fund gardening activities this year.

February 2017 - Website established.

March 2017 - Successful grant application for gardens project and a table tennis table for the estate.

March 2017 - Gardeners Group prepares bed and plants seeds for broad beans, chard, nasturtiums and marigolds.

April 2017 - Successful grant application for Spring Party on April 22nd.

April 2017 - Committee member meets with Susan O'Hara, Estate Supervisor regarding security improvements (lighting, CCTV),                       parking, refuse, slippery stairs and a TRA room.

August? 2017 - Anti slip coating installed on stairs as a result of April meeting with Susan O'Hara.

September 2017 - Residents housed Parly Party stage, helped steward the event, organised a successful raffle and publicized the Civil Control Centre.

October 2017 - Committee members met with Paul Sachdev, concerning recycling and refuse, parking issues and incomplete roofing works. Roof works were completed, additional recycling bins ordered and yellow boxes painted on entrance to car park all actioned by P. Sachdev after this meeting.


October 2017 - 200 spring flowering bulbs planted by resident gardeners.

November 2017 - AGM held. Elections held for Chair, Secretaries, Treasurer and DMC rep, with all posts filled. Priorities for the year to include improving security, refuse and recycling arrangements and several social events planned. The meeting was kindly witnessed by Green councillor Sian Berry and Camden Tenant Participation officer Hugh Boatswain.

January 2018 - Gardening group meets with Pete from Green Gym to discuss working together in monthly sessions to improve the estate gardens. This would be funded by a successful application to the Camden Can Innovation fund, 

April 2018 - General meeting sets date of Summer Picnic and agrees to establish a security sub committee, amongst other things.

May 2018 - Committee member in contact with Adebole (current housing officer for the estate) regarding a large amount of rubbish left for 6 weeks outside a flat at the bottom of the building - the rubbish has subsequently been removed.

May/June - Gardening group meet to prepare and plant a new bee and butterfly friendly border on the North side of the central courtyard. Watch that space!

July 2018 - Summer Party! 40 Residents came to chat, play table tennis, and enjoy refreshing lemonade on a hot and sticky Sunday. The children and the grass enjoyed the sprinklers.

July 2018 - Just in time for the school holidays, TRA given use of room under the stairs to store garden furniture and toys. It will need a good sort out first because it's damp and filled with unwanted building materials. News of when it's ready to follow...

January 2019 - Arrange safety check of 6th floor windows.

March 2019 - Recycling issues. Contaminated food waste bin is brought back in use.

April 2019 - Communicate with site services manager, Nick Zibiri about estate cleaning issues, these are now resolved.

May 2019 - Plant up the mini wildflower meadow areas with 100 plug plants including wild thyme, common agrimony, white clover, tufted vetch, wild primrose and cornflower.

July 2019 - Summer party! Homemade cake and the new swing enjoyed by resident children today.

October 2019 - The TRA responds to a consultation on plans to install a telecoms mast on the roof. Residents are not in favour  and collect a petition with signatures from 60 residents. 

October 2019 - Security remains a concern for residents of the estate, particularly those living in Clanfield whose front door access is poorly lit and is an area used daily by non-residents to smoke drugs, urinate and worse! A petition asking for increased security measures is signed by many on the estate.

October 2019 - Tuesday Craft Club started. A warm and welcoming group of crafters meeting at Carrol Close TRA hall. New members welcome.